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Top mix of bilberry and watercress

Bilberries are NOT the same as Northern Highbush blueberries! The bilberries (vaccinium myrtillus) used by Cressana cannot be confused with Northern Highbush blueberries (vaccinium corymbosum), commonly known as blueberries, which are cultivated and bear larger fruits, with a lower content of bioactive substances. Bilberries, on the other hand, are traditionally used in European healthcare.

Bilberries are beneficial for eye health

Eating a small portion of bilberries is beneficial for eye health. It’s better to have a small portion daily than a large portion in a limited time span. The CressanPureBlue capsules contain bilberry and watercress and are ideal for this purpose. The combination of bilberry and watercress increases the physiological action, which is an asset compared to other bilberry preparations.

Bilberries are beneficial for blood circulation

Bilberries boost blood circulation, for example in the eyes and legs. The use of bilberries for this purpose originally comes from Italy. 

Top 3 of important uses of the bilberry and watercress mix

  • Boosts eye health
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Protects against free radicals 
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