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Pure nettle capsules, without excipients

Stinging nettle (urtica dioica) widely grows in Europe and Asia. And maybe it’s one of the plants you know best. We’ve all experienced the unpleasant feeling produced by touching fresh nettle plants. Luckily dried nettle leaves do not sting. CressanOsteo harvests its young nettle leaves during the blossoming season, as it should be. Subsequently, they are dried, pulverised and added to the capsules without additional ingredients. The main advantage of CressanOsteo is that the nettles are grown in non-contaminated soil, which is not always guaranteed with plants you’ve picked yourself. 

CressanOsteo is a source of easily absorbed silicon

Stinging nettle is coveted for its easily absorbed silicon, a nutrient in foods. The plant contains natural silicon dioxide and silicates. 

CressanOsteo promotes a healthy urinary tract and flexible joints

The parts of the stinging nettle that grow above ground are traditionally used in herb mixes to keep the joints flexible. They are also beneficial for the urinary tract. 

CressanOsteo contains silicon, which helps keep your nails and hair healthy

Silicon has properties which are beneficial to your nails and hair. Thanks to its silicon content, stinging nettle has been used to protect both nails and hair for years. 

Top 5 reasons to use these pure stinging nettle leaves

  • Silicon helps keep your hair healthy
  • Silicon helps keep your nails healthy
  • They support all the joints
  • They are good for the urinary tract
  • They are a source of easily absorbed silicon
Three capsules contain 1,200 mg of
dried stinging nettle leaves.
One packet contains 90/270 capsules
Dose: 3 capsules a day.
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