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Javanese turmeric in an unusual mix with watercress macerate

Javanese turmeric (curcuma xanthorrhiza) – also known as Javanese curcuma, Javanese turmeric or temu lawak – is traditionally used in Indonesia and Thailand. What is so special about CressanIndian is that it contains freeze-dried curcuma rootstock dissolved in Cressana’s watercress macerate. The macerate is also enriched with carrot macerate, cane sugar molasses, a hint of fennel and oregano, ground Brazil nuts, flax seed and pumpkin seeds. 

What is a macerate?

A macerate is obtained by soaking a plant in oil for a specific time span.

In doing so, the plant releases its fat-soluble substances to the oil, resulting in a superior health product. Cressana only uses high-quality (unrefined) extra-virgin coconut oil for this process. 

What makes a macerate with coconut oil so unique?

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, called “Medium Chain Triglycerides” or MCTs. These MCTs are very quickly absorbed by the body, much faster than long-chain fatty acids like linoleic acid from sunflower oil. MCTs from a macerate are unique in that they are used as carriers of bioactive substances from plants, which are thus very easily absorbed by the body. 

Turmeric boosts digestion

Curcuma xanthorrhiza contains more essential oils than curcuma longa. As such, this Javanese turmeric offers the digestive system a greater boost, particularly after a meal with a high fat content. In fact, Javanese turmeric has a beneficial effect on the gall bladder. 

Turmeric helps boost your immune system

Javanese turmeric helps boost your natural immune system and is also beneficial for the gut flora, for example when travelling to the tropics. 

CressanIndian contains a cocktail of antioxidants

CressanIndian’s many ingredients guarantee a great variety of active substances, including many antioxidants. As a whole, CressanIndian also contributes to keeping cells and tissues healthy. 

Optimal storage

Our macerates are made with extra-virgin coconut oil. Ideally they should be used at a cool room temperature (18°C). The macerates become liquid in temperatures that exceed 25°C. 

Top 3 of important uses of this unique turmeric preparation:

  • Boosts digestion and has a beneficial impact on the gall bladder *
  • Helps boost the immune system*
  • Contains antioxidants
One packet contains 360 ml
Dose: ½ to 2 teaspoons a day to be dissolved in lukewarm tea, soup or stock.
Watercress and carrot macerate (prepared with extra-virgin coconut oil) with added freeze-dried turmeric powder (curcuma xanthorrhiza), Brazil nuts, flax seeds,
pumpkin seeds, cane sugar molasses, fennel and oregano.
€30,00 voor 360 ml
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