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Bilberries in a new light. Bilberries contain high levels of vitamins and special anthocyanins.

  • Anthocyanins are excellent for improved eyesight.
  • Because CressanBlue contains watercress, it has more benefits than other bilberry-based products. The carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin) in watercress are highly beneficial to eyesight! Optimal absorption is achieved by using coconut oil.
  • Bilberries support blood circulation.
  • Bilberries also help keep joints supple.
  • Anthocyanins are anti-oxidants that protect against free radicals.
  • In short, bilberries play a major role in healthy living.

Why bilberry jam or pasteurised bilberry juice can't beat CressanBlue

  • Aside from the fact that neither product contains watercress carotenoids, they also lack the coconut oil used as a transport medium. So they provide no additional aid in the absorption of vegetable-based nutrients, as is the case with CressanBlue.
  • Pasteurised bilberry juice is heat-treated to extend product shelf life. Heat causes a portion of its constituents to be lost. This is why it is so important that CressanBlue's entire production process is maintained at a cold temperature in order to preserve all its constituent nutrients


Watercress macerate* (Nasturtium officinale), cold freeze-dried bilberries* (Vaccinium myrtillus)

*Organically grown. TUV-Nord-Integra inspection [Belgian inspectorate for organic products].

Recommended Usage:

½ to 2 small teaspoons per day. Allow to melt in the mouth or use as a spread on rice crackers.


Store in cool, dark conditions (max. 22 °C), unopened at 4 °C and in use at 18 °C. Homogeneity of mixture deteriorates at temperatures above 25 °C.

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