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CressanZenergy Ashwagandha

Can you also use a natural boost as well?
What is the reason for your stress situation? Is it because of too much work, a mobile phone or social media that constantly demands your attention, studying and exam period, a job interview? Or rather because of a dispute with your partner, a passing on, money problems? It comes at you and sometimes it seems that you will never get over that stress period. When it becomes hard to enjoy anything it's time to apply the handbrake and switch back to relaxation mode!

Adaptogen to cope with stress periods
An adaptogen such as ashwagandha helps the body adapt to stress situations. It is also a powerful antioxidant that has a relaxing effect and is good for a good mental balance.

Rasayana for more energy
Within Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is placed in the Rasayana group of plants. Rasayana means vitalizing. This more than 5000 year old reputation as a tonic is so typical of the plant, because ashwagandha actually gives more energy.

High standardization at 7% withanolides
The best studied active ingredients from the root of ashwagandha are withanolides. The amount of withanolides in finely chopped, dried ashwagandha root differs per location and per year.
That is why CressanZenergy contains a standardized extract. Standardization ensures that the extract always contains the same amount of withanolides.
For you as a user, this means that every lot number will provide the same reliable support.

Top 3 of important features:
(1) ashwagandha offers support during stressful periods, gives you inner peace and increases your vitality
(2) high standardization on withanolides (7%), the active substances from ashwagandha
(3) surplus of cold freeze-dried watercress from organic cultivation

CressanZenergy ashwagandha
60 vegan capsules with highly standardized ashwagandha (7% / 31.5mg withanolides per capsule)
€29,95 voor 60 capsules
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