The watercress miracle

A natural source of protection against damage due to day-to-day stress, toxic substances, free radicals and cancer.

The exceptional purifying qualities and health benefits of watercress have been recognised for thousands of years.
Recent studies show that the plant’s unique components are responsible for its
detoxifying effects and protect us against modern lifestyle diseases.
Are you looking for a natural product to boost your health and are you interested
in the most recent, high-profile scientifc studies on the subject? Then this booklet
will answer all of your questions.

Arne Speybrouck is a molecular biologist and environmental expert who has been
active in the health sector for over 25 years. He works with numerous companies
producing food supplements and promoting natural health. Moreover, he holds
lectures and teaches Herbal Medicine and Biopharmacology.



© 2011, Arne Speybrouck


ISBN 9789076831176

Printed and bound in, Sintjoris, Belgium, 2011

The Watercress Miracle
The Watercress Miracle
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