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Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is beneficial to the immune system and the respiratory system.

Natural antibiotic

Antibiotics are frequently prescribed to treat infections of the airways. The indiscriminate use of medicines such as these, however, leads to resistance to various strains of bacteria. Oregano is a proven natural solution to this topical, growing and serious problem. The reason for this is that oregano is rich in carvacrol, a terpenoid with powerful antimicrobial properties.

Wild bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) and watercress (Nasturtium officinale) are powerful antioxidants

Oxidative stress

Breathing, moving, functioning: the cells in our bodies produce free radicals during all the activities we undertake in day-to-day life. In normal circumstances, antioxidants neutralise the effects of free radicals. However, these neutralising mechanisms lose their control when the balance of free radicals is disrupted. This is often caused by smoking, poor diet, air pollution or diseases resulting from any of these, and can be expressed in oxidative stress and the ensuing cell damage.

Free radicals are developed by strength and endurance athletes when they exert themselves during sports activities. In such situations, an extra supply of antioxidants is highly recommended. Studies have shown that antioxidants produce a positive effect on athletes’ physical condition with regard to endurance, recuperation and muscle recovery.

Powerful antioxidants from nature

The blue colour of bilberries is derived from anthocyanosides, which are polyphenols with powerful antioxidant properties. Only small doses of anthocyanosides are recommended, because the body’s capacity to absorb them is limited. Once administered orally, anthocyanosides are primarily absorbed through the stomach.

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