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Pearl of Eastern Health: Shiitake Mushroom

The shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes) is really a culinary delicacy. More than 2000 years ago he was already appreciated in many East Asian regions, not least for his extremely healthy qualities. Shiitake is also called oak mushroom because it is so common on Japanese oak species. The name comes from the Japanese: "shii" refers to the "oak" and "take" is Japanese for "mushroom".

Nutritious mushroom

Shiitakes help with short-term fatigue. In this way they not only give spice to a dish, but also to the consumer. This wisdom has its roots in ancient Japan where shiitake meals were served to get fit again. How does this come about? Shiitake has a high nutritional value, supports the blood vessel system and a healthy acid-base balance.


It has been known for centuries that shiitake supports the immune system. You can enjoy its defense-supporting influence throughout the year, and it is an ideal winter tip.
If you want to find out how shiitake keeps the cells and tissues healthy in this way, you should consult a therapist or doctor.
Do not use with mushroom allergy or autoimmune disease.

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