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With no less than 70% polysaccharides that strengthen your natural resistance

Astragalus is a herbaceous plant whose root has a long history of use in traditional Chinese health care. Huang qi is the Chinese name for astragalus. The Chinese use Huang qi to strengthen the so-called Wei Qi. Wei Qi means defense energy, which we can see from a Western point of view as the natural resistance.
The main constituents from the root of astragalus are the polysaccharides. They are very ingenious, because they help maintain the proper functioning of your immune system.

You can train your immune system.
Do you already have a step-by-step plan to strengthen your natural resistance?
Initially, you can boost your immune system yourself by exercising moderately intensively. Go cycling, walking, fitness, swimming, it doesn't matter as long as you don't overload yourself. Also, try to avoid stress periods and poor sleep, because they are undermines of your immunity.
Despite all your good intentions, there are always times when your immune system can use extra help. This is often the case with sudden differences in humidity and temperature, such as from sultry to fresh after a summer storm, from an air-conditioned car to the warm outside air, from living room to freezing air during winter….

Extra help for your immune system
The plant world offers us a range of immunostimulating remedies. For example, the polysaccharides from astragalus are ingenious triggers to keep the immune system alert. They are complex carbohydrates that stimulate all players within the immune system. They support both the innate and the acquired immune system!

High standardization on 70% polysaccharides
The amount of polysaccharides in finely chopped, dried astragalus root varies by location, weather conditions and by year.
That is why Astragalus contains a standardized extract. Standardization ensures that the extract always contains the same amount of polysaccharides.
For you as a user, this means that each lot number will provide the same reliable support. And what kind of support! The very high standardization of no less than 70% polysaccharides is a powerful stimulant.

Top 5 important features:
(1) Astragalus supports the proper functioning of the immune system and helps strengthen your natural resistance
(2) Astragalus contributes to a good condition of your blood vessels and supports normal kidney function
(3) on to a fresh and youthful appearance thanks to astragalus
(4) natural vitamin C from camucamu
(5) surplus of cold-freeze-dried watercress from organic cultivation

Astragalus 90 capsules
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